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Classic Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue for Sale CHS-769

Classic Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue for Sale

Item No: CHS-769
Size: 180 or Customized Size
Material: Grade White Marble
Insurance: Cover All the Risk
Package: Strong Wooden Case
Service: Customize Acceptable
Place of Origin: Hebei,China (Mainland)
Superiority 1: Free Custom Made
Superiority 2: Foundry Supplying Directly
Superiority 3: 30 Years Quality Guarantee
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished
Color: Pure White & Red Marble or Customized


Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue Detail:


This Catholic marble sacred heart Jesus statue is made of high-quality white marble. The size of the sculpture is life-size with a nice marble base. The design of this Jesus sculpture is graceful. He wears an elegant robe and points his fingers to the Sacred Heart. All the details are so realistic, whether it is hair or any other details are perfect.


Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue for Sale


The high-quality marble sacred heart Jesus statue could be used indoors or outdoors. Because we use high-quality white marble raw materials, the surface of the sculpture is more natural and has the unique appearance. It also ensures that our Jesus sculptures could be used in any outdoor environment.


process of Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue


Why Choose You Fine Art Sculpture?


You Fine Art Sculpture factory established in 1983, with more than 35 years of marble carving experience. As a family heritaed factory, You Fine top master Yuan begin to carving since 13 year old, as a devout Catholic, Master Yuan know very well about the characteristics of the religious figures, he knows how to carve the statue more vividly, the faces of the statue from his hands will be holy and serene.


Classic Catholic Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue


As well as, you could find any Catholic marble sculptures you want, such as marble Jesus sculpture, marble virgin Mary sculpture, Saint Joseph sculpture, Saint Francis sculpture and other saint sculptures. We have clay models for all the sculptures. So that you could directly choose our standard size or you could directly tell us the size and specifications of the sculptures you need. We could make them according to your requirements.


Marble Sacred Heart Jesus Statue


As the cost of raw materials and labor continues to rise, our prices are constantly changing. Therefore, if you are interested in our marble sacred heart Jesus statue product, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time for the latest prices.


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